Weathered Wood


Brisket - 18.00 per pound

St. Louis Pork Ribs / Back Ribs - 15.00 per 1/2 rack

Pulled Pork - 14.00 per pound

Turkey Breast (Seasonal) - 12.00 per pound

Smoked Quarter Chicken - 7.00 each

Sausage Spicy/Mild/Andouille- 5.00 per link


The Pat E Mac Trinity (Feeds 4-6 People) - 70.00

1 lb Brisket, Rack Pork Ribs, 1 lb Pulled Pork, 2 Sides - 1 pint each

(Includes: bread & sauce)


The Oregon Dan  (Great to share but you don't have to.) -35.00

1/3 lb Brisket, 1/3 Rack Pork Ribs, 1/2 lb Pulled Pork, 1/2 lb Sausage

& 2  Sides (Includes: bread & sauce)

"Its not necessarily what you put on it, its the love you put into it."


Pat E Mac's Smoked Beef Brisket is more than a simple recipe. The long process of developing the smooth rolling smoke of oak and madrone. Coupled with a generous

coating of rub, makes a brisket that not only taste amazing, but also melts in you.


Pat E Mac's tender and smoky ribs are the holy grail of his BBQ. Six long hours over low temps makes them almost fall off the bone.


 Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder Butt, cooked low and slow over oak and maple wood with a Northwestern style rub - pulled to perfection - which makes it out of this world!